An Unmatched Passion For Brewing

Professional engineers with over 40 years of experience.

We Are Brewing Professionals

Prettech Canada works closely with their long-time veteran partners and engineers who have been making fermentation tanks and running turnkey brewing / spirit operations for more than 4 decades. Prettech’s expertise in custom design and fabrication in the field of the brewing industry. Whether it is for an existing winery, brewpub, or a future project, our team of engineers will provide the ideal solution to help you optimize your production facility or turnkey system.

Prettech Canada offers OAC financing, is Canadian-backed, and have a full one-year warranty program on our 304 food-grade stainless steel. Prettech’s professional brewing equipment is more affordable than any of our competitors in North America, beating our competition’s price by at least 10%.

Hops & beers

We Are Proudly Canadian

We are locally owned and operated, providing the Canadian Brewmaster quality products

Samples of Beer on a bar in a Brew Pub.

Our Love For Beer

Our company knows that everyone loves beer, but we also want to make sure that before you make your final decision, Prettech helps you assess your intended market. Once you’ve made that decision, our engineering team gets to work creating 3D models of the entire microbrewery setup, so that you can see exactly how it will look in your restaurant / pub / facility when everything is completed.

You’ll be absolutely amazed at how these master planners can bring your new microbrewery to life, showing you where everything will fit, how it all will work, and even where your guests will sit to enjoy the view of the beer being brewed.

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