A Variety Of Businesses

Versatile & Premier Quality

At Prettech Canada, we cater to a number of different industries and their client base. Providing custom systems for brewhouses, wineries, restaurants, craft & micro-breweries, we can do it all. Our systems and products are very versatile, working for systems of all types and sizes, from areas as small as 600 feet, to the largest production facilities, Prettech Canada is your source for custom brewing and 304-grade stainless steel tank systems.


Beer Tanks

Prettech Canada works closely with our veteran partners and engineers who have been making fermentation tanks and turnkey brewing / spirit operations for over 4 decades. Indeed, we have great expertise in custom system design and fabrication in the fields of beer and brewing. Whether it is for an existing winery or a future project, our team of engineers will provide you with the ideal solution to help you optimize your production facility or turnkey system.

Prettech Canada offers OAC financing, which is Canadian-backed and has a complete one-year warranty program on our 304 food grade stainless steel. You’ll also be glad to know that we’re cheaper than any company in North America, beating our competition by at least 10%. Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more or to schedule a one-on-one consultation.


Wine Tanks

Our company knows that everyone loves wine, but we also want to make sure that before you make your final decision, the demographics in your area will be enough to support your new business model. Prettech works together with wineries to ensure that the capabilities of our systems match up with our client’s needs. Once you’ve worked with us to make the decision, our engineering team gets to work creating 3D models of the entire winery set up, letting you and your team see exactly how it will look in your facility when everything is completed. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how our team of master planners can bring your new winery to life.  Prettech will show you where everything will fit, how it all will work, and even where your guests will sit to enjoy the view of the wine being created at your facility.


Turnkey Systems

Prettech Canada specializes in brewing systems, whether it is for wine, beer, spirits, and more. Our turnkey system, which is incorporated by 3rd party mechanical & civil engineers, allows us to “hand over the keys” to your business, already set up and ready to go to production. Our experience in a variety of industries allows us to create the best layout for your particular industry and facility size, ensuring that you get the best system for your business. Book a consultation with one of our industry professionals today, or give us a call to find out how we can build your dream system today.


Two & Three-Vessel Brewhouses

Our two and three-vessel brewhouse solutions will look great in your restaurant. Providing your customers with an upfront and personal look at the quality craft beverage they are enjoying at their table. Contact our restaurant and multiple-vessel brewhouse experts at Prettech today to learn more about how our custom solutions will work for you.

Home Brewing

Custom Beer, Spirit, & Wine Systems


Are you an avid wine, spirit, or beer lover? Have you tried out home brewing systems before and have been left with a sub-par product? Prettech Canada’s custom home systems provide you with the highest quality 304-grade stainless steel systems for your beverage of choice. Talk to one of our home brewing professionals to learn how you can take your own quality recipes to the next level today, or use one of our craft recipes for a whole new experience in brewing today.

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