If distillation is the science of art and technology, for the artisan distiller, making spirits requires foremost a trustworthy pot still.

Using a combination of modern engineering and classical craftsmanship, our pot stills are the perfect answer to the evolving world of spirit making.

Made of copper and stainless steel only, we create the most efficient, reliable and but still gorgeous piece of distillation equipment.

With a filling capacity varying from 250 Litres to 5000  Litres, each pot still has the ability to produce several types of spirits such as eau-de-vie, fruit brandy, grappa, gin, heavy style rum or whiskey.

Each pot still is composed of:

– its own steam bath to heat gently either mash and liquid,

– an agitator to transfer heat evenly,

– a big manhole to verify inside of pot when needed

– a side filling valve to fill pot quickly and safely

– a copper sultan helmet to partially condense vapor,

– a discharge valve that ensures good evacuation of spent wash

– a range of spirit pipes to guide the vapor to the condenser

– a condenser combines high cooling performance with low cooling water consumption

– a CIP Cleaning System that will rinse and sanitize rapidly every part of the still

– an alcohol receiver set up to welcome the new spirit.

Depending on your needs, you could increase the alcohol content of the distillate by installing a bubble caps plate column system, combined with a special cooling system also called dephlegmator. Our engineers can design a column from 3 to 30 bubble plates, with CIP System and automatic distillation control. All these options will give you the flexibility to produce light style whiskey or rum, high proof neutral spirits or vodka.

AT PRETTECH CANADA, each custom-craft made pot still design is a unique expression of your personal needs and our thru creativity.

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