Restaurant Brewing Products | Prettech Canada

With our custom brewing systems, you can customize your entire system to your exact specifications, or if you don’t know where to start, you can consult our restaurant experts regarding setting up your custom restaurant brewing system.

Prettech Canada offers brewing systems for your restaurant, creating a beautiful aesthetic with our 304-grade stainless or copper finishes. Prettech delivers a functional craft brewing solution for your customers while enjoying their craft beverage of choice, created in-house. Don’t have a recipe? Don’t worry, Prettech Canada’s experienced restaurant brewing consultants are here to help with whatever you need to get started.

In the United States, the microbrewery industry has absolutely exploded in the last couple of decades. The success that they’ve had has been phenomenal and, here in Canada, theres a growing interest among entrepreneurs and restaurateurs to emulate what they’ve done and bring unique, handcrafted beers to the thirsty Canadian public.

Let’s face it, we Canadians love our beer just as much as our neighbors to the south, maybe even more.

If you’ve ever had any thoughts of becoming a brewmaster in your own microbrewery, there’s never been a better time to do so. Prettech Canada is offering a complete turn-key micro craft brewery set-up for restaurants and restauranteurs that will turn your eatery into the local microbrewery.  Providing a spot where your business will brew your own amazing beers and increase your business’ traffic & profits like never before.

Prettech Canada starts the process by providing a business case study for you, so that you know exactly what the viability of a microbrewery will be in your particular area & market. Prettech understands that everyone loves beer, but we also want to make sure that before you make your final decision, the population in your area will be enough to support your new business.

The next stage of our process involves our engineering team creating 3D models of the entire microbrewery setup, showing exactly how it will look in your restaurant when everything is completed. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how the process can bring your new microbrewery to life, showing you where everything will fit, how it all will work, and even where your guests will sit to enjoy the view of the beer being brewed.

Sizing & Capacity

Even more amazing is that Prettech Canada can tailor a microbrewery to fit in a space from 600 ft.², all the way up to 50,000 ft.², and fit everything into your existing structure with no need for costly expansion.

Prettech Canada offers OAC financing, is Canadian-backed and we have a full two-year warranty program along with a guarantee on everything we do. You’ll also be glad to know that we’re very affordable, beating  any company’s price in North America by at least 10%.

So if you’ve been dreaming about making the leap and becoming a micro-beer brewmaster, contact us ar Prettech Canada today and talk with one of our microbrewery experts. Before you know it, customers will be coming in and asking for a pint of beer that you brewed yourself!